June 15, 2024

Five school resolutions for parents and young people.?

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Alloprof is taking advantage of the start of the new year to offer students and their parents five resolutions in order to organize themselves well, learn while having fun and prepare for exams.

It is also an opportunity to put in place simple tips to improve the motivation and study of young people,”  explains Marc-Antoine Tanguay, director of strategy and spokesperson for Alloprof . Here are Alloprof’s five good school resolutions for 2019:

  1. Establish and maintain a good homework routine

To achieve this, there is Allo prof Parents, a section of services dedicated to parents where we offer a complete file to  live well with homework . It also includes a host of practical tips, expert videos, posts for parents as well as printable tools such as  My homework routine ( children  or  teenagers )  and  For my homework, I bring my material .

  1. Share screen time with educational games and apps

Why not devote part of the time spent in front of the screen to learning games and applications, like those offered by Alloprof? “ Recalls the spokesperson for the organization.

Designed to revise lessons while having fun, Alloprof’s games accumulate more than 2 million games played per month. To discover, the three novelties available  online  or in  application  :  Conjugo  for the conjugation of verbs in French,  Irregular Verbs Challenge  for irregular verbs in English and the  Dictation of vocabulary words .

  1. Not studying at the last minute for your exams

Many students say they find it difficult to organize their study well, admitting that it hurts their academic performance. To give them a boost, Alloprof offers a directory of revisions that includes a summary of the concepts to be mastered, as well as its  essential star tools according to the school level and the subject. For parents, a file full of tips and advice on the subject:  Succeeding in exams .

  1. Make good use of your school diary

One of the organization’s best allies, the school diary is an essential tool and reminder for students. You still have to learn how to use it well. To help parents encourage their child to better organize study, Alloprof Parents offers some advice for using the school diary properly. The team has even developed tips to  help children who forget their homework .

  1. Incorporate reading into daily life

It has been proven that reading is a guarantee of academic success not only in French, but in all subjects. ”  Reading skills even play a crucial role in young people’s job prospects and future quality of life ,” said Mr. Tanguay. To arouse the love of reading in young people, Alloprof Parents offers book suggestions according to the age of the children and advice for creating a context conducive to reading in its  Reading for Success file. read often and vary the texts read! “ , launches the spokesperson.

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